Brad Stevens just gets it

I read this article yesterday on Brad Stevens.  The article focuses on how coaches borrow from others.  I couldn’t agree more, the reason why I started this site was to steal and share from others.  Everything I have ever done has been at least tweaked from someone else.

Stevens has some great thoughts on how to learn from others and he regularly picks the brains of coaches that attend his practices.

“High school, college, summer league, whatever the case may be. They always have great perspective that we can use. They don’t see our team every day, so maybe they give you an idea or a tidbit that you can use.

“And I’ve always thought — and I got this from my boss at Butler — there’s not a monopoly of great coaches at any one level. It’s all over the map. I think that’s one of our responsibilities in coaching is to open our doors if people are interested in watching and talking about any of that stuff.’’

“I spend my whole offseason going to clinics,’’ the Celtics coach added. “Even when we plan something as a family on vacation, I try to figure out where coaches are in that area and go and stop by and pick their brains on what they are doing.

“It could be at any level. I’ve always found, you can go to these practices and you may have something in mind that you’re looking for — like your high school coach and the 1-2-1-1 — or something may click.

My favorite quote of the article is by the author.  I really couldn’t agree more.

The good coaches are the ones who never think they have the whole thing figured out.



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