Thoughts on zone offense

Below are ten thoughts about zone offense that I took away from a coaches clinic:

  1. Why are they playing zone?  Do they do it because that is what they do or are they hiding someone.
  2. Know your personnel. Who are your shooters, rebounders and penetrators.
  3. You must penetrate using the pass and the dribble.
  4. Make the defense react, ball and player movement, ball fakes.
  5. Screen the zone.  Up top, baseline or the middle man.
  6. Know your opponents personnel.  Pull away shot blockers and rebounders, make them step out.  Attack poor defenders.
  7. Give you players confidence when facing a zone.  Prepare for it everyday.
  8. Is the zone designed to make you shoot quick or take you out of your man offense?
  9. Get the ball inside.
  10. Shot discipline.  You are always potentially one play away from getting them out of it.

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