Rockets embrace analytics, 3pt shot

Found this article on the Houston Rockets that highlights their building process and their shooting approach, embracing the 3pt shot and ditching the mid range game.  This has been a more popular concept in the past few year, especially with the dribble drive offenses.  Check out the article!

Two seasons ago, Houston set the league’s record for three-point attempts, only to obliterate that record by attempting nearly 500 more this season. They have taken only 579 mid-range shots — inside the arc, outside the paint — total this year, by far the lowest among all 30 teams. In fact, four players around the league have taken more shots from the mid-range individually than Houston has as a team.

None of that inherently matters, except for the fact that it works. The Rockets have the league’s third-best record and would be on course to set a new standard for offensive efficiency if it wasn’t for those pesky Golden State Warriors. What’s fascinating is that the Rockets have doubled down on their offensive approach while retrenching around a singular star.

How the Rockets made the wildest scheme in basketball analytics work

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