Portland State possibilities

The Vikings don’t have everything to offer, especially in the way of a huge salary, but they do have a trendy major city and the new Viking Pavilion, which is scheduled to open for the 2018-19 season.

The obvious local names to approach about the vacancy include Western Oregon’s Jim Shaw and Northwest Christian’s Luke Jackson, the former Oregon Ducks star.

A bit under the public radar, but with experience and good recommendations are Bob Cantu and Jeff Hironaka. Cantu was on Terry Porter’s University of Portland staff this season, and Hironaka was Geving’s right-hand man. Cantu has an extensive résumé, on the bench and in recruiting. Hironaka won a lot as head coach at Seattle Pacific (2002-09).

A couple of perhaps wild ideas:

Make a pitch to Brandon Roy. The ex-Trail Blazers great just completed his first season of high school coaching and was hugely successful at Nathan Hale in Seattle. The Washington Huskies may get their former player first, and Roy probably wouldn’t stay for long on the Park Blocks, but what a fun year or two it would be.

Vikings make tough decision on Geving

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