Austin Peay names

For the third time in his short tenure, Austin Peay’s Athletics Director Ryan Ivey is faced with finding a head coach for an athletics program.

Only this time, Ivey is tasked with replacing longtime Governors basketball coach Dave Loos after he retired at the end of the regular season.

Following up a coach who is essentially the face of a program is no easy task, but Ivey has already stated the type of candidate he sees filling the role—someone who is high energy, enthusiastic, positive, has strong communication skills, puts the student-athlete first, strong recruiting ability, communication skills, experience in the region and comes from a successful program.

With the position officially closing Friday, the university will take the next steps on securing the program’s 12th coach. While who that will be is still unknown, the profile provided by Ivey helps create a list of potentials, as well as eliminate others.

The article below mentions the candidates we feel are really in the mix.

Who will be the next coach of Austin Peay basketball?

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