Possible replacements for Crean(if he is gone)

After dropping to Wisconsin on Friday night in the Big Ten Tournament, the Indiana Hoosiers missed the NCAA Tournament this season. It is the second time in four years the Hoosiers have missed the Big Dance and the fifth time in head coach Tom Crean’s nine-year tenure in Bloomington.

Since taking over, Crean has seen a mix of success and failure. His first three years were abysmal, resulting in a dreadful 28-66 overall record. Indiana’s performance has improved considerably since then, but the program’s inconsistency has maintained.

All told, Crean has a 166-135 (.551) overall record with Indiana and a 71-91 (.438) record in Big Ten play. The early years of his tenure certainly weigh down those statistics, but it’s hard to rectify those numbers with a program that has five national champions and 39 NCAA Tournament appearances to its name.

And following Indiana’s most recent struggles, speculation has built to a fever pitch regarding Crean’s future with the program. As such, BTPowerhouse has put a list of the top candidates to replace Crean, should the program opt to make a move.

11 Possible Coaching Candidates If Indiana Basketball Replaces Tom Crean

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