Lansing’s rollover cancelled at Indiana St.

Indiana State Director of Athletics Sherard Clinkscales confirmed Tuesday that the rolling term in men’s basketball coach Greg Lansing’s contract has been canceled.

The rolling term, or “rollover”, ensured that Lansing had a perpetual five-year contract with ISU.

Now that the rollover has been canceled, Lansing is on a fixed-term contract and there are four years remaining on it. With base salary and other additions added to it, it means ISU owes Lansing $1 million over the remaining life of his contract, which would expire in 2021.

“Obviously, that’s the athletic director’s decision and it’s his prerogative,” said Lansing on Tuesday. “I have four years left and I’ve made a major commitment to Terre Haute and Indiana State. I will continue to do so. Last season was not the season we wanted it to be. We are working hard to make sure good things are ahead.”

ISU men’s basketball coach Greg Lansing has contract rollover canceled

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