Beilein and Leadership

I cam across this article that highlighted some great ideas and quotes about John Beilein.  It focuses on the airplane incident they encountered as well as how he kept his team together while facing adversity this past weekend.

In the third game versus Minnesota, Michigan players were losing their edge. They were tied at the half, after blowing a 16-point lead. As Brendan Quinn reports, “The Michigan players looked up from lowered brows, stewing with anger… The Wolverines were starting to crack. It seemed the week had caught up with them.”

Not quite. Beilein huddled the team and spoke from the heart. No clipboard. No chalk talk. “It was about life,” said assistant coach Jeff Meyer. As Quinn reported, “It was about where they’d been… and about playing for each other.” In the second half the team caught its second wind and rolled to its third victory in three days. The tournament game almost seemed anticlimactic. They beat Wisconsin by 15 points.

Beilein did what all good leaders do: bring people together for common cause. And he did it because he and his assistants had found the right players, molded them in the expectation of excellence, and allowed them to use their talents to win as one team. One for all and all for one.

Why John Beilein Is The Truest Coach In College Basketball


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