Weber can still save job

In a season that saw the Kansas State Wildcats get off to a hot 12-1 start on the year, fans were thrilled. They didn’t expect the team to have to advance in the Big 12 Tournament in order to make it to the big dance in March known as the NCAA Tournament.

That’s what K-State basketball is looking at though, as an abysmal 7-11 record after that hot start wrecked the early success the Wildcats had sustained.

As a six-seed in the Big 12 Tournament, set to jump start on Wednesday, the Wildcats have more to play for than just about anybody else in the tournament. The teams seeded higher than them (Kansas, West Virginia, Baylor, Iowa State, and Oklahoma State) all have pretty good chances of making it to the NCAA Tournament.

Kansas State has to win their first game of the tournament, which will be against the third-seeded Baylor Bears on Thursday night. If the Wildcats win, their March Madness invitation likely won’t get lost in the mail. If they lose, however, their season is probably done.

The biggest question mark with K-State basketball right now is what the future of Bruce Weber in Manhattan will be? Sam Mellinger ofThe Kansas City Starwrote a nice piece on Weber following the team’s victory against Texas Tech in their regular season finale.

K-State Basketball: Bruce Weber Can Still Save His Job

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