When should you change your lineup?

Sometimes the hardest thing for a coach to do is reshuffle the deck in terms of the staring lineup.  When dealing with player confidence and chemistry it can always be a tough decision.

My favorite line to players is:

“Coaches don’t decide playing time, players do.”

Derek Kellogg was faced with a similar dilemma this past week.  He chose to make changes and it paid off with a win over LaSalle.

Kellogg said his final lineup decision was the outcome of practice results. Specifically, the Minutemen’s intrasquad scrimmages that pit the traditional starters against backups.

“The guys have really competed in practice,” Kellogg said. “That’s why I started the red team. They beat the black team in practice and they won the starting job. So we’ll continue to do that.”

The colors refer to how the team’s reversible practice jerseys are divided up in practices during the week. According to Kellogg, the uniform hue hasn’t been the only thing differentiating the two sides.

“We’ve talked about it at times, but I’ve never really said ‘All right, we’re doing this.’ After yesterday, it didn’t make sense to me to not put the team that keeps winning in,” he said. “They’ve won in practice somewhat consistently.

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