Archie Miller is the name everyone comes back to at NC State

Brian Keeter played basketball at N.C. State, but just about all the gear he wears when he goes through workouts and treatments for a spinal-cord injury at a rehabilitation center in Louisville, Ky., is a different shade of red. Everyone there thinks Keeter went to Dayton.

He got all of it from Archie Miller, his former teammate with the Wolfpack, now the head coach of the Flyers and the No. 1 name on just about every N.C. State fan’s wishlist for the basketball coaching vacancy. Keeter used to come up for one or two games a season once Miller got the Dayton job in 2011. After Keeter moved to Louisville for treatment in July – he was paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident in 2008 – he became a regular visitor to Dayton, hanging out with the coaches before games and watching Miller work.

And as Keeter watches, he understands why N.C. State fans want Miller so badly – and also just how good the 38-year-old Miller has it at Dayton.

Coaching searches always seem to be Miller time at NC State

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