Is AAU basketball good or bad?

I came across the article featuring Kevin Garnett and his comments regarding how AAU basketball is bad for the game because kids that play are entitled and are not being taught. The article, written by Evan Daniels, counters some of those points and provides perspective on the positives.

My take features a little of both.  As a high school coach I see the good and bad.  I hate the narrative, “My AAU coach thinks I should be starting.” I am not a fan of conflicts and having to deal with a kid or family making a decision to be with their team or go to an AAU Tournament.  I am not a fan of the style of play some of my players are subjected to.  I really don’t like the fact my player play close to 100 games from April to August.  I do respect the AAU coaches that are in it for the right reasons, helping kids get noticed and giving them an opportunity to get their college paid for.

When I recruited AAU got you on the radar but seeing how you played with your HS team was imperative.  I wanted to see how a kid played with structure and what kind of teammate they were.  Basketball needs both AAU and HS but some changes could be beneficial.

Kevin Garnett misses mark in comments about AAU basketball

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