Top follows for coaching resources

The internet and social media have had a significant impact on many professions.  Coaching is among those, and coaches can find virtually anything they need to help improve their knowledge.  Here(in no particular order) are the websites that I find are most valuable.

Fast Model Sports
You need set plays and drills?  They have a little bit of everything.  It would take days to sort through all their information.  Has a nice search feature that helps you go through.  It also hooks up to your Fast Draw app, allowing you to export plays to your computer or device.  One minor complaint is search filters don’t always narrow things down enough.  If you have the time it is a great resource to pour through.
Alan Stein
Alan has become one of the industry leaders, particularly in the area of strength training and workouts. He has recently partnered with well know @PureSweat.  My favorite aspect of his stuff, his free youtube channel with a variety of videos that can be an asset to your program.
Pick and Pop
@ZakBoisvert, @pickandpopnet
Zak does and unreal job with his resources.  The guy is maniacal about breaking down film.  I frequently visit his youtube page,, to go get set plays or ideas for my team.  
Jim Boone
Coach Boone is in it for all the right reasons.  He is one of the best resources anywhere for the pack line defense.  I have never met him but from all account he is a genuine guy that loves to promote the game of basketball.  He has been ultra-successful and you need to register for his newsletter.
Coaching Toolbox
If you want information delivered to you several times a day this is a must follow.  There are a variety of resources available, including drills, sets and literature to help improve your program.  One of the best informational sources you can find.
Men’s Basketball Hoop Scoop
This was one of my original favorites.  Coach Peterman and his group of contributors give you a wealth of information that would take months to go through.  If you need quick hitters, concepts and reading material you should visit this site daily.
Coach Market
Coach Collins has a nice business enterprise going here and has many different types of resources on his site.  The best resource is his youtube videos, which have various drills you can implement in your program.
Bob Starkey
Coach provides many great thoughts on the game and different things to think about and use in your program.  If you enjoy reading about various topics that can keep you motivated bookmark this site.

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