Sportsmanship Rule Ruining the Game?

I recently came across an article that highlights an interesting rule in the state of Nevada. The rule states that teams can’t win by a margin of more than 49 points, and if they do, coaches are required to submit documentation explaining how it happened and how they tried to prevent it. If it happens three times in a season, the winning coach is suspended.

We now have a state association trying to prevent running up the score.  While the concept is certainly a noble one it does not make much sense in the grand scheme of things.  The reality is that teams that try not to run up the score are more likely to make a mockery of the game and further humiliate the opponent. Coaches are constantly trying to teach lessons but why try and teach one that includes, “let’s not do our best so we don’t get in trouble.”  Read that statement out loud and try to rationalize it.  Since when does doing your best equate into a penalty.   

There are plenty of things in place to help prevent running up the score in HS.  Running clock, enforcing recruiting violations and not allowing year round play are excellent ways to try and level a playing field.  Try enforcing these things and don’t pass rules that make a mockery of the game.

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