HS Coaches go too far with racial rhetoric

There are two stories that caught my eye recently, both dealing with coaches using racial rhetoric that has gotten them in hot water.  

The first story deals with a coach in Portland accusing his white JV players of being scared of black players.  The coach also allegedly brought a black student in the locker room and had white players touch them and then asked, “Does that make you like black people now?”

The second story deals with a middle school coach allegedly telling her player to “not act black.”  The coach also proceeded to call the other team “ghetto.”

As coaches we might try to find ways to motivate our players along with trying to teach them right from wrong.  Both of these cases are so far off the mark it was hard to believe what I was reading.  Both coaches have been suspended.  Hopefully the learning curve will benefit them and their player in the long run.

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