First Podcast is Out!

So we got together and put together our first podcast the other night.  The topic was burnout, something all coaches fear, especially when it strikes their players.  No program can be immune to this.  Typically right now is the time of year when this can become a problem.

When researching for the podcast I ran across some interesting statistics.  One thing that stood out to me was that most kids are burned out by the age of 13.  70% of kids are giving up on sports by this age.  Additionally, the most frequent cases of burnout involve kids that play just one sport.  Specialization has increased the pressure on kids and made it difficult for many to avoid burnout.  Keep this in mind when planning off-season activities and do your best to monitor your players club season.

What are some things you can do to help prevent this?

Surprise days off 
Give your players a day off of the floor.  Plan a fun bonding activity, watch film or just let them go home early.

2. Shorten practices
​Try to get practice down to just an hour or hour and fifteen.  Make sure you stress the quality, not the quantity. 

3. Shake up the routine
Try to integrate some new drills into practice and keep it fresh.

What are some things your players can do to avoid burnout?
1.  Get a hobby outside of basketball.
2.  Play another sport.
3.  Find a balance between basketball, school and social life.
4.  Make it fun.

Check out our podcast.  You can DOWNLOAD it with the PODBEAN APP. You can also go to our Podcast Page.

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